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 Combining student interest with the Alberta curriculum to provide a unique, engaging approach to learning!

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  Research shows that students are more successful when they are interested and invested in the work they are doing, something I have witnessed first-hand. For more than 13 years, I have worked with  students to create exciting, interesting assignments that bring together their interests and the Alberta Program of Studies. These assignments bridge subjects, allowing students to do more in-depth, meaningful projects, and to learn in an integrated fashion, more like real-life situations.

Now, I want to bring those same opportunities to everyone. Whether you are looking for marking services, new curriculum, or instructional supports, there is something for everyone.


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Purchase Units of Study

Check out the online store for exciting and engaging units of study, all ready to go!  Units have suggested grade levels. All units come with the marking rubrics.

Participate in Seminars
Marking Services

Need support in marking high school level assignments? Marking services are now offered.  Rates are available for ELA and Social Studies papers, with custom work being done at a rate determined based on the job.

Need additional learning supports? Check out our seminars on a wide variety of topics, including writing, science, mental health, and more.

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